The Hosts

Chris Cantley

Chris was grown in a 70s era lab, nourished by a strict regimen of GI Joe, Transformers, and He-Man, where he was subjected to a full range of 80s music and hair fashion.  He was later donated to a secret military training program experimenting with weaponizing hand-eye coordination through hours of war simulations that we now call “video games.”  Pong, Oregon Trail, Donkey Kong, Doom, Half-life, and countless other training systems made him a deadly foe when pitted against pre-teens at the local LazerTag (call sign: MrPink). Eventually, he flunked out of the military program and pursued a life as a Digital-Samurai towel-boy, programming websites and mobile applications for the lowest bidder.

Today, Chris is applying his skills in TV and Radio honed in the basement of a community college 25 years ago, along with his sultry voice, wealth of 80s and 90s pop culture, and technology prowess to deep-dive into Teen Science Fiction novels for your listening pleasure.


Twitch: gunterchris

Aaron Margolis

Aaron clearly lived under a rock during his formative years, evidenced by the fact that the most high-tech consoles in his house were the original Nintendo and a Sega Genesis (yeah, not even a Super Nintendo…lame). Evidence suggests that while those revolutionary consoles were warping his young brain, he was exposed to a diet heavy in cartoons, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and PBS programming. Unfortunately, all the sugar and processed foods consumed at that time have damaged his memory so he can’t be certain, he thinks. Since anything higher than 16-bit was clearly too complex, his gaming career ended tragically too soon. His only experience programming is on a TI-82 calculator, which may be the only reason he crushed his high school math and science courses. While seeking higher education he learned the valuable lesson that he indeed has the face for radio, but lacks the voice for it.

To pay the bills, Aaron sits at a computer and does worldbuilding–designing polygons for assembly in the real world for people who don’t yet keep their visors on all day. Much like his brain, his 80s and 90s pop culture knowledge is full of holes, but don’t fret…treatment is underway.


Twitter: @GTTGPpod and @aaronmargolis

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