Welcome to your favorite 'Ready Player One' & 'Ready Player Two' Podcast!

‘Get To The Good Part’ is a podcast driven by a deep love and appreciation for Ernest Cline’s book “Ready Player One,” and our excitement about the upcoming sequel, “Ready Player Two.” We started the show with the premise that there were Gunters like us out there on the hunt for more. What we found was a passionate community that welcomed our humble podcast with open arms.

Even though our chapter-by-chapter review of “Ready Player One” is complete, we aren’t done yet! We have started a new chapter in the podcast that we are calling the Grail Diary. Each episode will focus on a piece of pop culture referenced in the book.

Thanks for visiting our website and for tuning in to our podcast. Now, let’s Get to the Good Part!

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Grail Diary Chapter 11 - Brazil